SSPA 2020 Workshop

The 4rd International Workshop on Smart Sensors Protocols and Algorithms

Co-located to the 5rd EAI International Conference on Industrial IoT Technologies and Applications (Gandia, Spain)

 Workshop chairs:

  • Sandra Sendra, Universidad de Granada, Spain
  • Jose Miguel Jimenez, Universitat Politecnica Valencia, Spain

Smart Sensor protocols and algorithms make use of several methods and techniques (such as machine learning techniques, decision making techniques, knowledge representation, network optimization, problem solution techniques, and so on), to establish communication between network devices. They can be used to perceive the network conditions, or the user behavior, in order to dynamically plan, adapt, decide, take the appropriate actions, and learn from the consequences of their actions. The algorithms can make use of the information gathered from the protocol in order to sense the environment, plan actions according to the input, take consciousness of what is happening in the environment, and take the appropriate decisions using a reasoning engine. Goals such as decide which scenario fits best its end-to-end purpose, or environment prediction, can be achieved with smart protocols and algorithms. Moreover, they could learn from the past and use this knowledge to improve future decisions.

In this workshop, researchers are encouraged to submit papers focused on the design, development, analysis or optimization of smart sensor protocols or algorithms at any communication layer. Algorithms and protocols based on artificial intelligence techniques for network management, network monitoring, quality of service enhancement, performance optimization and network secure are included in the workshop.

This conference edition once again targets to gather researchers from academia and industrial sectors to present analytical research, simulations, practical results, position papers addressing the pros and cons of specific proposals, and advances in sensor protocols and algorithms. The topics suggested by the conference can be discussed in term of concepts, state of the art, standards, deployments, implementations, running experiments and applications.


Papers should be submitted through EAI ‘Confy+‘ system, and have to comply with the Springer format (see Author’s kit section below).

Workshop Papers will be published in a dedicated section of the IndustrialIoT Conference Proceedings. The materials presented in the position papers should not be published or under submission elsewhere. All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee and external experts to reach a decision on acceptance.

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Authors are invited to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under review in any other conference or journal, including, but are not limited to, the following topic areas:

  • Reasoning and learning techniques for sensing environment pollution
  • Smart route prediction in vehicular sensor networks
  • Smart data aggregation in vehicular sensor networks
  • Smart multimedia network protocols and algorithms for WSNs
  • Application layer, transport layer and network layer cognitive protocols
  • Cognitive radio network protocols and algorithms
  • Automatic protocols and algorithms for environment prediction
  • Algorithms and protocols to predict data network states
  • Intelligent synchronization techniques for sensor network protocols and algorithms
  • Smart sensor protocols and algorithms for e-health
  • Software applications for smart algorithms design and development in WSNs
  • Dynamic protocols based on the perception of their performance
  • Smart sensor protocols and algorithms for Smartgrids
  • Protocols and algorithms focused on building conclusions for taking the appropriate actions
  • Smart Automatic and self-autonomous WSNs
  • Artificial intelligence applied in protocols and algorithms for WSNs
  • Smart security protocols and algorithms in WSNs
  • Smart cryptographic algorithms for communication in WSNs
  • Artificial intelligence applied to power efficiency and energy saving protocols and algorithms
  • Smart routing and switching protocols and algorithms in WSNs
  • Cognitive protocol and algorithm models for saving communication costs
  • Any kind of intelligent technique applied to QoS, content delivery, network Monitoring and network mobility management
  • Smart cooperative protocols and algorithms WSNS
  • Problem recognition and problem solving protocols for WSNs
  • Genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic and neural networks applied to WSNs



(All deadlines refer to the UTC Time Zone)

Instructions and Templates

Papers must be formatted using the Springer LNICST Authors’ Kit.

Instructions and templates are available from Springer’s LNICST homepage:

Please make sure that your paper adheres to the format as specified in the instructions and templates.

When uploading the camera-ready copy of your paper, please be sure to upload both:

  • a PDF copy of your paper formatted according to the above templates, and
  • an archive file (e.g. zip, tar.gz) containing the both a PDF copy of your paper and LaTeX or Word source material prepared according to the above guidelines.